Our Mission

The very premise of CryptoMoonShot is to unify members of the fragmented Defi community, lead them down the path of liberation, and bring the value that is being extracted from the ecosystem by unethical individuals and organizations back to the hands of the community – where it belongs. While we aim to accomplish this goal, we will build a safe and transparent home for newcomers to the crypto space to learn how to safely engage in the ecosystem with all of the necessary information, tools, and resources to become well-informed, tenured, and successful.

The Space Ranger Team

Differing from the large majority of memecoins in this space, the founding community leaders of CryptoMoonShot are proud to disclose their involvement in the community, and are doxxed, KYC’d, and known across the Web3 ecosystem for the professional work over the past several years.

Anthony Francis


Melanie D.


Silviu Caradima


Everyone in the community has an opportunity to take a role of leadership amongst their peers. We welcome everyone to do so where they can, as we continue to grow and expand with each and every day. Those that make this commitment to their peers and the growth of the community will be recognized for their work in a variety of ways. For information on the rest of the team, or how to become a member, please review the whitepaper.

Contact: hello@cmooncoin.net

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