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Who we are

CryptoMoonShot is a community, culture, and movement all supported by an open-source peer-to-peer digital memecoin: $CMOON. After experiencing the re-emergence of “memecoin season,” respected cryptocurrency advocates around the BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) have come together to found a community on the principles of decentralization, equality, and fair opportunity. A memecoin for the people, by the people – assuring the growth goes to those within the community and not some hidden, anonymous team replicating the process every few days. To learn more about who we are and what we stand for, please review the whitepaper.

Our Movement

Sick of pump-and-dump farmers raising large amounts and running off, leaving you behind in a sea of empty promises? So are we! With a passionate community lead by experienced professionals in their respected trades, the CryptoMoonShot community all starts on the same foot, working towards the goal of changing the standards in this space. What better way to do this, than showing the scammers across the space that we can achieve milestones greater than they could ever imagine, and doing so the right way!? We are going to


Presale on PinkSale

Our presale on PinkSale aimed at a new model, where Whitelisted wallets could contribute. These were split into two categories:

Tier 1 whitelist spots (T1) – were granted only to active community members that actively participate in $CMOON awareness raising actions on various social media platfroms

Tier 2 whitelist spots (T2) – were granted to various crypto influencers and their community

The Presale had a hard cap of 200 BNB and was filled in 38 seconds

By the Community, For the Community

The $CMOON community is constantly growing and evolving. Our job as community leaders is to enable all community members to contribute with original content as easily as possible. To this end we integrated our own MEME Generator and created a graphics pack to tap into the creativity of the $CMOON Community.


Private Presale (Seed Round)1,600,000,00016%
Public Presale (IDO)4,000,000,00040%
Liquidity Pool (Launch)2,500,000,00025%

$CMOON Taxes

3% Buy 

3% – Sent to the treasury ($BNB)

6% Sell

3% – Sent to the treasury ($BNB)

3% – Sent to $CMOON holders ($CMOON)

$CMOON Planned Features






Contact: hello@cmooncoin.net

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